Augmenting Quality and Relevance of Higher Agricultural Education through Enhanced Learning Outcome and Entrepreneurship Development 

  • Inauguration of training programme by Dr. P. U. Krishnaraj, Coordinator, IDP, UAS, Dharwad.

One day national training programme on Networking, Marketing and Negotiation Skills was organized under World Bank funded Institutional Development Plan Project at Agriculture College, Hanumanamatti, UAS, Dharwad on 29 January 2021. Dr. M.V. Manjunatha, Nodal Officer, IDP, welcomed the guest and Dr. P. U. Krishnaraj, Coordinator, IDP, inaugurated the webinar and requested to make use of such kind of opportunities to initiate startups to students. Mr. Amruth Patil, Director, Deshpande Startups, Hubballi, opined that ideas are very important in India and innovative ideas can initiate great startups but it has to be put into practice to become success in business. To nurture early stage startups to achieve a clear proof of concept and attain success in market, one should need to be logical, ethical and emotional. Selection of proper mentor, money and market is very important for startup and advised to follow three E’s that is Elevate, Engage and Expose to become success in the business. He also expressed that for successful entrepreneurship work with strength and identify the resources available around, which were need of the hour. He explained the Yuva Entrepreneurship Programme for startups in detail.

Dr. Sathish Chandra Pant, Asst. Professor, National Institute of Agricultural Marketing (NIAM) Jaipur, expressed that heart of any business success lies in its marketing techniques. The most perspective business depends on successful marketing and is the kingpin that sets the economy revolving.  Marketing management simplifies the activities and functions which are involved in the distribution of goods and services and also reduce cost and to increase profits. He also explained the marketing mix like, price, product, promotion, strategy and place to follow in the market to sustain in the business and to get profit. Mr.Ravikumar Angadi, Founder & Director, AttitudePlus Corporate Solution, Bengaluru, explained in detail the Negotiation Skills for Successful Entrepreneurship. The programme was organized by Dr.M.V. Manjunath, Dr. M. D. Patil, Nodal Officers, IDP and Dr. Satish R Desai, Professor, UAS, Dharwad. A total of 181 students and faculty participated in the online programme.