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About IDP Centre Vijayapura

  • Main Entrance -College of Agriculture Vijayapur

Agricultural Research Station was established in Vijayapur (erstwhile Bijapur) during 1933 by the British Government. The station is popularly called as Hittinahalli Farm as it is located (altitude 594m MSL, longitude-75°43’E & latitude- 16°50’N) near Hittinahalli village on National Highway No.50. The National Agricultural Research Project (NARP) was implemented in 1980 and later, the centre was upgraded to Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS) in 1990. The research centre has main emphasis on dry land research, rabi sorghum and pearl millet.

The College of Agriculture, Vijayapur is one of the constituent colleges of University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Dharwad. The college is located at about 10 km from the Vijayapur town on national highway No.50. The Agricultural Research Station was started as a Dry Land Research Centre by then Bombay government in the year 1933 at Vijayapur (erstwhile Bijapur), which has been popularly called “Hitnalli Farm”. The centre came under the jurisdiction of UAS, Dharwad during 1965. The National Agricultural Research Project (NARP) was implemented on this campus in 1980 which was later upgraded to the status of Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS) in 1990. The College of Agriculture, Vijayapur came into existence on 4th October 1990 as per recommendations of Shri Varadan Committee appointed by then Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka. The college was housed in the NARP and NAEP buildings in the absence of a separate main building. A new college building with well equipped class rooms and laboratories was established in the year 2008 on an area of 5464 sq.m. Since then, several other amenities including boys’ and girls’ hostels, play ground, gardens and farms, library building, auditorium, guest house, seed testing laboratories, bank, bio-input laboratory godowns, dispensary and veterinary hospital have been added.

Since 1990, the college has grown in terms of academics, research and extension catering to the needs of region. Overall infrastructure, in terms of number and quality of teaching staff, supporting staff, laboratory equipments, conveyance etc., is satisfactory. One of the great advantages of this college is that it is located on one of the UAS regional campuses, which houses, Agricultural College, Regional Agricultural Research Station, Extension Education Unit and KVK. Any lacuna on the part of the college is made up by deriving physical and human resources from these wings. Since, all the three mandatory functions of the University are closely integrated; the academic programme is never hampered.