Augmenting Quality and Relevance of Higher Agricultural Education through Enhanced Learning Outcome and Entrepreneurship Development 


The University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad has been in the forefront of education and research and delivered numerous technologies over the years which have not only contributed towards meeting the national food security but also in elevating socio-economic status of growers in the state. While food production has grown several folds, it has posed new challenges by way of equitable distribution, safe storage, value addition and concomitant skill and entrepreneurship in agri-based technologies to meet future challenges. Thus, there is an urgent need to keep the agriculture education abreast with the demands of the industry and the end-users. Industry demand and ever expanding skill requirements in the current scenario calls for strengthening and broad basing agricultural education from “content oriented teaching” to “skill centric and technology centric industry driven education”.

Makeathons and ideathons would be important to drive development of innovative ideas in the areas of agriculture, human wellness, involvement of algorithms and machinery on various interventions in agriculture and post harvest technology. The makeathons involve creativity leading to ideas and using skills to build a solution and an IP. It has helped building some of the coolest apps of our times. These sessions offer the opportunity to meet like-minded people, mentors, and potential investors. The makeathon environment has led to the invention of many successful business ideas and helped solve pressing issues and business challenges, worldwide.

The list of proposed National academic activities include,

  • IDP Sensitization Programmes
  • Entrepreneurship Development  workshops
  • Interaction meet with stakeholders in Community Science/Agriculture
  • Ideathon
  • IDP National Summit on Education, Entrepreneurship and Excellence
  • IDP National workshop on start-ups culture and mentorship
  • Global and regional Alumni Meet
  • Workshop on Gender perspectives in Agro-based enterprises -Challenges and opportunities
  • Training stake holders on e-governance
  • Training on Networking, Marketing and Negotiation Skills
  • Workshops on Start-ups
  • Workshops on soft skills
  • Workshops on innovation and leadership development
  • Thematic team building organic activities