Augmenting Quality and Relevance of Higher Agricultural Education through Enhanced Learning Outcome and Entrepreneurship Development 

About Program

Exposing the students to ignite business ideas and develop knowledge and skills for assessing business environment, develop financially viable and feasible projects, understand government supporting institutions and availability of source of incentives would result in developing a pathway for entrepreneurship development among students. There is a need to provide an anchored entrepreneurship platform for budding entrepreneurs to make the enterprises sustainable. The 30 per cent leverage provided to the University by the V Deans’ Committee can form the basis for augmenting the existing syllabus orienting towards sustainable agro-entrepreneurship development. The alumni, an important but sparingly used asset of the University can infuse new ideas, partnerships and provide support that are beneficial to the students, graduates, universities and the society. The project envisages the potential benefit of exploring the rich experiences of the alumni in developing and imparting industry defined curriculum aimed at entrepreneurship development through mentoring and enhancing the career prospects of the graduates.

Broad objectives of Programme

  1. Encouraging students towards start-ups, entrepreneurship and industry ready commercial agriculture through enhanced skills, technology and dissemination competence.
  2. To improve the academic ambiance and technology competence by faculty through enhanced learning outcome and international outlook to attract talented students

International exposure of Under Graduate Students

B Sc(Hons)Agriculture, Ag.Marketing and Co-operation,Forestry Science,Community Science and B.Tech (Food Technology)

Period of Training: Three months

No. of students to be deputed: 15-20

Broad areas identified
Entrepreneurship Development ((Managerial, Business Skills, Education Management), Start up and Industry Academia Collaboration, Hi-Tech Agri Systems, Protected cultivation, International Food safety standards, technical textiles, Forestry and Forestry / Sustainable Forestry / Forest products; Developing stress responsive crop plants; Rural Entrepreneurship Development; FPO; Dairy and Products Development and  Sustainable /Smart Agriculture

Course theme: Students to get exposure to best of best international entrepreneurships, industries start ups etc in the above identified areas through special lectures, exposure visits and visit ton referral labs etc.

International Training for faculty


  1. Three months for Young faculty (40 years of age)
  2. One to two months for Mid Career Faculty (40 to 50 years of age)
  3. Two weeks for Senior Faculty (more than 50 years)

Training areas for Young Faculty

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Education Technology
  2. Agro-Ecotourism Technology
  3. Incubation and Start-up
  4. Development Strategies
  5. Commercial  Agriculture Technology
  6. Incubation and Start-up Development Strategies Commercial  Agriculture
  7. Food Safety Sports Nutrition Mechatronics and climate smart agriculture
  8. Developing stress responsive crop plants
  9. Rural Entrepreneurship Development
  10. FPO
  11. Dairy and Products Development

Training areas identified for Mid career faculty

  1. Data analytics
  2. FPO
  3. Dairy and Products Development
  4. Food safety
  5. Sports Nutrition

Training areas for Senior Faculty
Pedagogical and Innovative teaching methods Entrepreneurship Development (Managerial, Business Skills, Education Management) Intellectual Property Rights