Augmenting Quality and Relevance of Higher Agricultural Education through Enhanced Learning Outcome and Entrepreneurship Development 

Social Safeguards

University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, IDP

Equity Action Plan (EAP)                                                                                                      Nodal Officer: Dr.S.S.Dolli

S. No. Item Actions Implementation


Frequency Budgetary provision Monitoring Indicators
1 Skill development for students
i. Focused efforts to improve performance of academically weak students Assessment of performance of academically  weak students and their participation in extracurricular activities.

Designing & Evaluation tests of students at the beginning of each semester.

UAS, Dharwad

and  Specialized Agency

Semester wise

Assessment & Regular Monitoring of the progress



Budget is approved by the budget committee

Students with 6.5 OGPA improving their performance.

At present about 30 percent of the students are below 6.5  OGPA which would be reduced to  15 per cent

ii. Remedial Course for slow learners Specially designed courses for slow learners UAS, Dharwad

and  Specialized Agency

Regular Monitoring of the progress Budget is  approved by budget committee 50 percent of low performers in basic and social science would improve their performance by at least 10 percent
iii Improvement in language competency, soft skills and confidence levels Enhancing  students soft skills ( Communication, Decision making Leadership, inter-personnelrelationship and Team work) and English proficiency UAS, Dharwad

and  Specialized Agency

Half Yearly Budget is approved by budget committee At present 40 % of total seats are reserved for students with agriculture background who are weak in English language and soft skills. Among these students at least 50 % of the   students would qualify for national and international training by improving their language and soft skills as well as enhanced  OGPA. 100 % of students  selected for international training would develop good communication skills

At least  25 % of students  joining English language and soft skills would participate in  literary activities

Increase in graduation rate of sc/st/ from 75 per cent to 85 per cent and general students from 85 to 95 per cent.

2 National trainings  Programmes  for students
i National trainings  Programmes  on entrepreneurial awareness and development Identification of students with interest in entrepreneurship among the weak students with OGPA 6.5 to 7.5 UAS, Dharwad

and  National Institutes

Scheduled throughout year Budget met under SAU/state government grants Increased entrepreneurial thinking/orientation

Idea generation and incubation by students


3 International training of students
i International trainings  with twinning /credit transfer on entrepreneurship development and advances in agriculture Encouraging students with OGPA of 7 to 8 to qualify for  internationaltraining.

Encouraging identified students to take up English speaking and soft skill improvement courses


UAS, Dharwad

and  International Institutes

Quarterly according to academic calendar of Universities abroad Budget is included in main budget 100 % of students participating in international training enrich their knowledge in higher education programmes in overseas  Universities
4 Faculty competency development programme
i Faculty competency enhancement through national/international training Designing of Faculty Development Plan through national and international  training

Identification of potential faculty members belonging to backward category  (about 20 %)

UAS Dharwad  collaboration with National andInternational Institutes/ Universities Throughout year according to calendar of institutes   Improved research /teaching competencies

Publication in reputed journals and

Patent application

5 Support to differently abled students  and girls/women
i Making campuses differently enabled  and women  friendly through suitable infrastructure and strategic support ·      Provision for ramps(30), lifts(4), washrooms in sports stadium (4)

·      Installation of CCTV cameras(  20  ) for social safeguard where needed to make campus gender friendly.

·      Improving Accessibility for physically challenged through barrier free access.

·      Signs inside and outside of the building

·      Provision of alarms or hooters to alert building inmates in case of emergency and untoward incident

·      Incineration of sanitary napkin for safe disposal

UAS, Dharwad


Implemented as proposed Barrier free access to classroom /labs through ramps/lifts

Wash rooms/Rest rooms for women in all places within campus

6 Grievance redress mechanism (GRM)
i Measures on Grievance redress mechanism (GRM) ·      Introduction and publicity of easily accessible GRM through special and dedicated helpline numbers, email, drop box and contacts details of the officers ensuring anonymity  and quick disposal of the grievance

·      Grievances to be addressed regularly

Empowered Committees


GRM Cell


Throughout year Budget provision presented before committee 90% of complainants satisfied


7 Safety of labourin civil works
i Ensuring Worker rights awareness and insurance Payment


Equity of wages


Providing Living ambience ,


Health and sanitation of workers insurance

Contractors would be required to provide

  • Insurance


  • Deductions as allowed by national law or the labor management procedures
  • Equal wages to male and female workers.
  • Proper housing
  • Health and Sanitation
  • Pay workers on a regular basis as required by national law and labour management procedures.


Estates Officer /Director Finance Continuous Costs shall be inbuilt in the estimates of various works to be carried under NAHEP Zero litigation related   to Labour grievances and  rights under the project


Bid documents indicating the conditond for labour equity