Augmenting Quality and Relevance of Higher Agricultural Education through Enhanced Learning Outcome and Entrepreneurship Development 

IDP Centre Dharwad Activities

Workshops on Entrepreneurship Development Programme held under ICAR (NAHEP)-IDP, @ UAS, Dharwad

Webinar on Innovative Approaches in Seed Quality Maintenance for Successful Entrepreneurship @ UASD

National Webinar on “Motivation for Psychological and Physical fitness to Sustain and Enhance skills” @ UASD

Webinar on Effective Networking and Negotiation Skills for Agri-preneurs @ UAS, Dharwad

webinar on “Solid Waste Management” @ UAS, Dharwad

Workshop on Enhanced Communication Skills, Time Management & Leadership Development Process @ UASD

National webinar on “Fine Art of Communication” @ UASD

National webinar on Renewable Energy Sources – Future Prospects @ UASD

Interaction Meet with Stakeholders-SWOT Analysis of Enterprise @ UASD

Workshop on ‘Skill and Knowledge of Veterinarians for better Livestock Health and Production’ @ UASD

Online National workshop on Use of e-resources in Agricultural Libraries @ UASD

Online Certification Course on Organic Certification @ UASD

Webinar on Networking, Marketing and Negotiation skills @ UASD

Workplace Wellness and its Impact on Life Style @ UASD

Workshop on Academia-Industry Interface Conclave for Future Farming @ UASD

Webinar on Agro-textiles for Smart Farming and Entrepreneurship Development @ UASD

Webinar On Opportunities and Innovations for Micro Food Processing Enterprises @ UASD

National Webinar On Importance of e-data book keeping under e-Governance @UASD

Webinar On Emerging Trends and Challenges in Marketing of Agro Based Products @UASD

National Webinar on Innovative Enterprises in Food Sector @UASD


Awareness programme on Way Forward for Green Initiative: Conservation of Environment and Ecology @ UASD

Tree Planting Programme @ UASD

Workshop on “Start-up Opportunities in Hi-Tech Vegetable Production” @ UASD

National Webinar on Entrepreneurship in ECCE @ UAS, Dharwad

National Webinar on “e-Waste Management” @ UAS, Dharwad

Workshop on Enhancing Skills for Content Writing to Press and Media @UAS, Dharwad

Training Programme on Implementation of e-Procurement and e-Office @UAS, Dharwad

National Webinar on “Bio-Waste Management” @UAS, Dharwad

National Webinar on Commercialization of UAS, Dharwad technologies and IPR @UAS, Dharwad

National Webinar on “Impact of construction and demolition waste on environment” @UAS, Dharwad

Virtual Soft Skill Development Training Programme on “Scientific Writing in Social Sciences”

Brainstorming Session on Agri-preneurship, Skilling and Startup Culture @UASD

ONLINE (VIDEO CONFERENCING) ON e-Governance on Academic Management System(AMS) @UASD

International “YOGA” day 21-June-2020 Time:8.00 AM to 9.00 AM @ UASD

ONLINE TRAINING (Video Conferencing) PROGRAMME on e- Governance @UASD

Online Certification Course on Organic Farming @UASD

World Environment Day Celebration at UAS, Dharwad

Training Programme on Mental Preparedness to Cope with Covid-19 @ UASD

Training Programme on Coping with COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown

Workshops on Entrepreneurship Development Programme-II @ Main campus, UASD

Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development Programme-I @ Main campus, UASD

National Agricultural Day at main campus UAS, Dharwad

Discussion with Prof. Mikko J. Ruohonan, Professor Tampere University, Finland

Workshop on Gender Perspectives in Agro-Based Enterprises: Challenges & Opportunities @ UASD

Cognitive Test @ Main campus,UASD

IDP- Dharwad Sensitization Programme at UAS Dharwad

NAHEP – IDP Launch Workshop at UAS, Dharwad