Augmenting Quality and Relevance of Higher Agricultural Education through Enhanced Learning Outcome and Entrepreneurship Development 

IDP Centre Dharwad Activities

List of Shortlised faculty for Selection (40 to 50 Years and < 40 Years) for International Training Under ICAR, NAHEP-IDP

Lecture Series : Why Biotechnology? on 07th February 2023 at Old Auditorium, CSc, Dharwad

Innovation in Food Processing and Preservation programme held on 28th December 2022

Lecture Series : Why Microbiology? on 29th December 2022

Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development Programme 20th and 21st December 2022

Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Life Sciences held on 17 November 2022

Entrepreneurship Development Programme held on 2-3 November 2022

Academia-Industry Interface Conclave for Future Farming and Agri-Entrepreneurship held on 9-10 November, 2022

Academia-Industry Interface Conclave for Future Farming and Agri-Entrepreneurship held on 26th Feb 2022

World Environment Day

National Webinar on Prevention of Stress during Pandemic

Webinar on “How to Begin a Start-Up?”

National Webinar on Mental Health during Covid Times

Miyawaki Forest Plantation

Workshop on Innovation and Leadership Development

National summit on Education Entrepreneurship and Excellence


Workshop on Soft Skill to Enhance Work Efficiency in the Organization

Course on Updating Skill and Knowledge of Future Livestock Entrepreneurs among Agriculture Students and Veterinarians

Induction Training on E-Office under ICAR-NAHEP-IDP

Course on Skill and Knowledge Development for Potential Livestock Entrepreneurs

National Webinar on Framework and Protocols for Seed Quality Assurance @ UAS, Dharwad

Guest lecture on financial policies and procedures @ UAS, Dharwad

Workshops on Entrepreneurship Development Programme-III held under ICAR (NAHEP)-IDP, @ UAS, Dharwad

Webinar on Innovative Approaches in Seed Quality Maintenance for Successful Entrepreneurship @ UASD

National Webinar on “Motivation for Psychological and Physical fitness to Sustain and Enhance skills” @ UASD

Webinar on Effective Networking and Negotiation Skills for Agri-preneurs @ UAS, Dharwad

webinar on “Solid Waste Management” @ UAS, Dharwad

Workshop on Enhanced Communication Skills, Time Management & Leadership Development Process @ UASD

National webinar on “Fine Art of Communication” @ UASD

National webinar on Renewable Energy Sources – Future Prospects @ UASD

Interaction Meet with Stakeholders-SWOT Analysis of Enterprise @ UASD

Workshop on ‘Skill and Knowledge of Veterinarians for better Livestock Health and Production’ @ UASD

Online National workshop on Use of e-resources in Agricultural Libraries @ UASD

Online Certification Course on Organic Certification @ UASD

Webinar on Networking, Marketing and Negotiation skills @ UASD

Workplace Wellness and its Impact on Life Style @ UASD

Workshop on Academia-Industry Interface Conclave for Future Farming @ UASD

Webinar on Agro-textiles for Smart Farming and Entrepreneurship Development @ UASD

Webinar On Opportunities and Innovations for Micro Food Processing Enterprises @ UASD

National Webinar On Importance of e-data book keeping under e-Governance @UASD

Webinar On Emerging Trends and Challenges in Marketing of Agro Based Products @UASD

National Webinar on Innovative Enterprises in Food Sector @UASD


Awareness programme on Way Forward for Green Initiative: Conservation of Environment and Ecology @ UASD

Tree Planting Programme @ UASD

Workshop on “Start-up Opportunities in Hi-Tech Vegetable Production” @ UASD

National Webinar on Entrepreneurship in ECCE @ UAS, Dharwad

National Webinar on “e-Waste Management” @ UAS, Dharwad

Workshop on Enhancing Skills for Content Writing to Press and Media @UAS, Dharwad

Training Programme on Implementation of e-Procurement and e-Office @UAS, Dharwad

National Webinar on “Bio-Waste Management” @UAS, Dharwad

National Webinar on Commercialization of UAS, Dharwad technologies and IPR @UAS, Dharwad

National Webinar on “Impact of construction and demolition waste on environment” @UAS, Dharwad

Virtual Soft Skill Development Training Programme on “Scientific Writing in Social Sciences”

Brainstorming Session on Agri-preneurship, Skilling and Startup Culture @UASD

ONLINE (VIDEO CONFERENCING) ON e-Governance on Academic Management System(AMS) @UASD

International “YOGA” day 21-June-2020 Time:8.00 AM to 9.00 AM @ UASD

ONLINE TRAINING (Video Conferencing) PROGRAMME on e- Governance @UASD

Online Certification Course on Organic Farming @UASD

World Environment Day Celebration at UAS, Dharwad

Training Programme on Mental Preparedness to Cope with Covid-19 @ UASD

Training Programme on Coping with COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown

Workshops on Entrepreneurship Development Programme-II @ Main campus, UASD

Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development Programme-I @ Main campus, UASD

National Agricultural Day at main campus UAS, Dharwad

Discussion with Prof. Mikko J. Ruohonan, Professor Tampere University, Finland

Workshop on Gender Perspectives in Agro-Based Enterprises: Challenges & Opportunities @ UASD

Cognitive Test @ Main campus,UASD

IDP- Dharwad Sensitization Programme at UAS Dharwad

NAHEP – IDP Launch Workshop at UAS, Dharwad