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  • Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, UAS, Dharwad planting a sapling during the Miyawaki forest plantation at UAS, Dharwad .

UAS, Dharwad has taken an initiation in the establishment of Miyawaki forest under green initiatives at Saidapur  Farm, on 23rd March, 2021at UAS, Dharwad. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. M. B. Chetti, after plantation said that Miyawaki forest covers an area over 1 acre. In this forest shrubs, small to medium-size trees of around 6000 saplings belonging to native species were planted. These species have more ability to protect against natural disasters. Some of the rare native species planted include Teak, Jamoon, Mahagani, Hebbavu, Tamarind, Callindria, Subanena, Ashoka, Jackfruit, People tree, Rain Tree, Pongemia, Shivani, Basavanapad, Soapnut etc. Dr. M. B. Chetti also emphasized the importance of Miyawaki forest that has capacity to restore habitat for birds, bees, butterflies and microfauna, essential for pollination of crops and fruits and help to maintain a balanced ecosystem and to conserve the biodiversity. He also said that they are the lungs of the cities and act as an oxygen bank and carbon sink. With minimal maintenance, including watering and de-weeding, the urban forest will be self-sustainable. Shri. Manjunatha Chauhan, Chief Conservator of Forests and guest of honour expressed that this urban forest sends out an action-oriented message of bringing back lost environmental protection forests. Nodal Office

r, IDP, Dr. Vasudeva organised the tree plantation programme. Nodal Officers of  IDP project, staff and students participated in this programme.