Augmenting Quality and Relevance of Higher Agricultural Education through Enhanced Learning Outcome and Entrepreneurship Development 

  • Inauguration of the induction training by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Dr. M. B. Chetti, UAS, Dharwad

To achieve transparency, efficiency and effective governance at the government level by providing an electronic form for office function and to avoid delay in institute work a two days induction training on “e-office under ICAR-NAHEP-IDP” was organized at UAS, Dharwad on 19 February 2021 for the University staff. The programme was inaugurated by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Dr. M. B. Chetti and Dr. V. R. Kiresur, Professor of Agril. Economics, UASD briefed about the programme.

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Dr. M. B. Chetti, during the inaugural address expressed that University is one of the largest employers of the country is burgeoned with manual way of handle in office documents. This makes the process slow but consumes more energy on its workforce. To change the scenario and bring the digital culture in university and recycling system that combines all the freelance work into one frame work and efficiency in functioning and to provide reliable and effective way to handle office files and documents we implemented e-office and now several things become easy in administration. To promote paperless work and also green way of working to save nature, implementation of e-office is need of the hour. He also advised that to show transparency, effectiveness, profitable and reliable in administration implementation of e-office and working on it is very important now a days and everyone should make use of this opportunity to become success in your work.

Dr. V. R. Kiresur, Registrar, UAS, Dharwad, opined that benefits will be visible once the system is fully put to use and manual file system is stopped. It will result in a delightful experience for the end users. To increase accountability, data security, integrity, e-office will promotes innovation by releasing staff energy. To transfer government work culture and ethics, compulsory working on e-office is needed in the office. Project Manager, Centre for e-Governance, Bengaluru, Mr. R. Manjunath expressed that e-office is not a software it’s just an web application everyone can easily access it and work on it by using password. He trained more than 8000 members on e-office under the Government setup. He took hands on training to the university staff and helped in implementing e-office and more than 50 administrative staff benefitted with this programme. The programme was organized by Dr. K.V. Kiresur and Shri. Ramesh Desai, UAS, Dharwad