Augmenting Quality and Relevance of Higher Agricultural Education through Enhanced Learning Outcome and Entrepreneurship Development 

  • Inaugural Address and Introduction of Guest by Dr.B.N.Aravind Kumar, Nodal officer(Finance)

The Guest lecture on financial policies and procedures was arranged on 26 September 2020 and Smt Padmavati, Special Secretary, Finance Department, Government of Karnataka and Sri.H.K.Ravimurthy, Additional Secretary to Government, Tourism Department, Government of Karnataka were the guest speakers.

Smt. Padmavati spoke on the issues related to Finance Department of the Government, where the budget requirement of each department is assessed for every financial year in four quarters i.e once in every three months. The allocation of budget is usually done to the tune of 25 per cent. She has also stressed upon the implementation of HRMS in the University for early and easy disbursement of salaries. Further stressed on importance of adhering to the KTTP rules while assigning the capital works and reacting to a query she said recruitment related issues need to be cleared by Finance Department.

Another guest speaker Shri.H.K.Ravimurthy, mentioned about availing 33% free subsidy for implementing projects related to Agro-eco Tourism. He said this would not only serve the purpose of improving the environment/ecological balance but would also help in generating income besides taking up such enterprises as start-ups. He enthused younger generation to go for such self-enterprising activities for generating the employment and income instead of seeking the employment. Dr. M.B.Chetti, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor in his presidential remark mentioned that finance related issues are sorted out on regular basis from the Finance Department and thanked Smt.Padmavati, Special secretary (FD) who is also the Member of Board for her help in the University Finance Management.