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  • Dr. M. B. Chetti, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, UAS, Dharwad planting Pterocarpus santalinus tree sapling on eve of World Environment Day

On the occasion of world environment day tree planting programme was organised in the premises of college of community sciences, Dharwad under Environment Sustainability Plan of NAHEP-IDP, on 5 June, 2021at UAS, Dharwad. Hon’ble Vice chancellor Dr. M. B. Chetti emphasizing on  the theme of “Restoring Ecosystem and raising awareness” on the World Environment Day expressed that it’s an event to enlighten and encourage sustainable environments and to make individuals, enterprises and communities responsible in preserving and enhancing the environment; thus, making Earth a better place to live. Notwithstanding the unprecedented health and environmental crisis, the Central Pollution Control Board, India has revealed that there is a 17% increase in the Bio-medical waste due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is therefore necessary that researchers should focus more on recycling and up cycling of this waste. Appealing to the public to plant more trees he explained that the University has initiated work on development of Miyawaki Forest, Biodiversity Park, sustainable waste disposal mechanism and green energy practices. Dr. P. U Krishnaraj, Principal Investigator, IDP, Dr. Shobha Nagnur, Dean Community Science, Nodal Officers of the Project and Faculty of the University participated in the Pterocarpus santalinus planting programme.