Augmenting Quality and Relevance of Higher Agricultural Education through Enhanced Learning Outcome and Entrepreneurship Development 

  • Regestration of students participating in Enterpreneurship Development workshop at FKC, UAS, Dharwad

The workshops on Entrepreneurship Development Programme held under ICAR (NAHEP)-IDP at UAS, Dharwad main campus from 6-8, February, 2020 for all  II year BSc.(Agri.), B.Sc.(Hons) Community Science, B.Sc.(Ag. Maco.) and B. Tech. (Food Science). Two parallel workshops have been conducted in two different batches of 250 and 170students each.  Thus a total of 420 students have participated in these three days workshops.

The workshops were organized to train the students with various aspects of Entrepreneurship Development which would help them to become successful entrepreneurs.Resource persons namely, Mr. Mahesh Hegde, Mrs. Swaymprabha Hegde, Ms. Maitreyi Hegde and Mr. Ravikumar Angadi from , Bangalore were invited to conduct the sessions on various topics for the workshop.

The resource persons explain following topics to the students with introductory on Entrepreneurship development. Viz: SWOT analysis, RACI model, market analysis, JOHARI window, idea generation and goal setting. And they also trained the students on various entrepreneurial skills in detail which are required for them to become successful entrepreneurs.

During the sessions the resource persons conducted more of group techniques to involve the participation of students and motivate them. Students have also submittedmore than hundredideas for start-ups to the Hon.ble Vice-Chancellor, UAS, Dharwad.Workshop kit was given to all the participant students.

Third day the workshop was ended with valedictory function. Hon’ble Vice- Chancellor, Dr M. B. Chetti, invited as Chairperson, Dr. B. D. Biradar patil, Dean (Agri.), and Dr. Usha Malagi, Dean (Csc), were invited as a guest. The function was ended with thanks giving speech given by the nodal officer of IDP Dr. Annapurna Kalal. Later a group photo was taken with the resource persons, students and staff.