Augmenting Quality and Relevance of Higher Agricultural Education through Enhanced Learning Outcome and Entrepreneurship Development 

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To update with recent developments and acquaint with new skills to improve the efficiency in work environment because women has to balance family and office, the two days work shop on “Soft skill to enhance work efficiency in the organization” specially organized for women administrative staff under the Institutional Development Plan at UAS, Dharwad on 26-27th March 2021. Smt. Otillie Anubandakumar, CEO of NGO, Evolve Life Foundation, Dharwad, inaugurated the workshop and opined that women has to work round the clock. Everyone should get up with enthusiasm and passion and go to bed with sense of satisfaction. Women are playing vital role not only in the family management but also in office work. They need to improve their emotional quotient to perform well. The president of the function Dr. K. V. Ashalatha, IDP associate coordinator, said that women should never feel that they are weak. They should support other women members and compare with others. She also advised that women has to fight for the improvement not for the personal and keep positive attitude and smiling always for the success.

Mrs. Bharathi Sungar, SDM MBA, College, Dharwad gave talk on “Time Management in Work Place”. She expressed that use of technology, work place environment, good people management and involvement in the work can affect the productivity in the organization. Shri.Vignesh Manchakle, Counselor and Therapist, Shivamogga, presented on “Stress Management in Work Place”. He said that tension is habit and it is different from work pressure. About 70 percent of work tension in the office comes from home not from the office. Mr. Suhas Naragund, Superintendent, Library, UAS, Dharwad, gave talk on administration and accounts procedures. Shri. Chalawadi, Rtd. JD Audits and Accounts, Dharwad, described on accounts and audit. Dr. V. R. Kiresur, Head PPMC, UAS, Dharwad gave presentation on how to manage files and documents in computers and how to explore it.

Participants appreciated the team work of IDP for organizing such a wonderful workshop and they also expressed that it was respect given to women by organizing the programs only for women and all women must aware on new technology and its updates and this workshop helped us to come out from all the problems regarding the administration rules and regulations. Around 50 women administrative staff of UAS, Dharwad were benefited by this workshop. The two days programme was organized by Dr. S. S. Dolli. All staff of IDP were present in the workshop.