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  • Registration of students participating in workshop on IDEATHON

Note: Ideathon, a two day event, originally scheduled on 17-18th February 2020 was postponed and rescheduled on 24-25th February in view of Mid Term Exam for III B. Sc. (Hons) Agriculture students.

Ideathon, the event focusing on exploring the innovative ideas among the students having the business potential was held on 24-25th Feb. 2020 in the conference hall of College of Agriculture, Vijayapur.

First Day:

The event began with registration by the students. After registration as outlined in the programme sheet (enclosed) the core programme was kicked off. At the out set, Dr. M. D. Patil, Nodal Officer, ICAR-NAHEP-IDP-UASD, College of Agriculture, Vijayapur extended a warm welcome to the resource persons viz., Mr. Amrut Patil, Senior Manager, Deshpande Startups Hubballi and Mr. Pramod Hukkeri Deshpande Startups Hubballi and introduced them to the participants. Further, he welcomed other guests of the day, Dr. S. S. Dolli, Nodal Officer (SS) IDP, UAS Dharwad, Dr. S. B. Kalaghatagi, Dean (Agri), participating students, faculty and IDP supporting staff.

Dr. Dolli, gave brief a overview of the event Ideathon and highlighted the importance of the same and its benefit to the students. He also gave details on the upcoming events related to Ideathon and future plans. With this introductory note, the workshop was inaugurated by guests and students by watering a sapling. Dr. S. B. Kalaghatagi, president of the inaugural programme, urged the students to participate in the Ideathon actively and discuss with resource persons regarding their ideas to make them more refined and potential for selection to the next level.

After inauguration there was break for high tea.


After the high tea, the session began at 11:45 wherein, Mr. Amrut Patil presented on the Journey of successful start-ups along with sharing of experience by start-up  entrepreneurs. He opened up his own journey from degree level to entrepreneur and how Deshpande Foundation became pioneer in this area. The lecture was inspiring and informative.

Afternoon session began at 2.00 PM, with a talk by Mr. Pramod Hukkeri on “Idea generation and prototype development”. Concept of idea generation was dealt in detail along with various concepts and outcomes. He highlighted about the source material for building prototypes and getting innovative solutions. After tea beak, the next session began with students presenting the innovative ideas in their respective groups. The entire session witnessed 16 ideas by the students. While presenting the ideas, students were given suggestions and technical inputs by the resource persons and nodal officers. It was also told to the students to add data to support the ideas and scientific evidences wherever needed for final presentation next day. After the tea beak, experts/ resource persons spent time with students in giving feedback and suggestions to modify/ addition/ deletions in the presentations. If the presentation was not clear with idea informed them to modify the presentation. The first day’s session was wrapped up after summarizing the day’s events and next day’s schedule.

Second Day:

The second day of the Ideathon began with a welcome note by Dr. M. D. Patil, followed by a talk on “Design thinking and Idea evaluation” by Mr. Amrut Patil. He gave a detailed note on idea generation, design thinking and prototype development along with very attractive pictures/photographs. He highlighted the process and different stages viz., empethise, define, ideate, prototype and test. He brought to the notice of the students that studies on problems of people/ society can help to think on generation of solution/ new innovative ideas. He shared the success stories to empesize how a small idea can solve a bigger problem.

Post tea break, the session started with ideas presentation by student groups wherein the students incorporated the suggestions and data needed to support their ideas. It was a very formal and time bound presentation by the students. Totally 14 ideas were presented and all were evaluated by the experts.


Mr. Pramod Hukkeri spoke on ‘Start up journey and Opportunities’ in the afternoon session. He brought out the Indian scenario in terms of population pressure and associated problems which give scope for problem solving innovative ideas.

Later, Dr. Dolli gave suggestions on ideas presented by students and asked to prepare action plan. The certificates were distributed to all the participants and Dr. M. D. Patil proposed vote of thanks to all the participants and the resource persons for their valuable inputs and kind cooperation. The event was wrapped up with a short visit to New Age Incubation Network (NAIN) facility and a group photo.