Augmenting Quality and Relevance of Higher Agricultural Education through Enhanced Learning Outcome and Entrepreneurship Development 

  • Introduction of IDP by Dr. P. U. Krishnaraj, Co-ordinator, IDP

With the aim to impart knowledge on importance of networking, marketing and negotiation skills for development of sustainable business ideas among the students and faculty an online training on “Networking, Marketing and Negotiation Skills” was organized at University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad under World Bank funded ICAR-NAHEP-Institutional Development Plan (IDP) project on 12th December, 2020.Dr. P. U. Krishnaraj, Coordinator, IDP gave introduction on IDP and the webinar. Dr. Ashalatha K. V., Associate coordinator, IDP, introduced the chief guest.

Dr. P. G. Changappa, Former Vice-Chancellor, UAS, Bangalore inaugurated the webinar and expressed that Networking, Marketing and Negotiation are the three pillars of success not only in business but also in academics and day-to-day activities in the society. They are also essential for success of any entrepreneursand help to develop knowledge, skills and access to the necessary resources that will boost success of business. Now a day’s social networks playa very important role in business and they are advantageous for marketing too. In his inaugural address he emphasized that the scientists and entrepreneurs do not have boundaries to explore like birds and can make big achievements with appropriate negotiation and marketing skills.

The team leader and Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr M.B. Chetti, in his presidential address insisted that students who are plunging as entrepreneurs should possess the skills of networking and negotiations to market their product or service, which will not be taught in the formal education but should be gained by practical experiences of themselves and their peers.  Mrs. Savita Inamdar, Director, International Interpreter and language expert, New Delhi spoke on art of networking for successful entrepreneurship with her own example as emerging entrepreneur. She advised students that be open to your ideas and build good relationship with each other and that will lead to success. Mr. Rachayya H, Founder & CEO, BYCS Labs, Hubli, explained how to acquire skills for negotiation to achieve success in business and also for successful entrepreneurship. Dr.K.C. Gummagolmath Director (Monitoring and Evaluation), MANAGE, Hyderabad discussed on entrepreneurship opportunities in Agricultural Marketing with success stories of many entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas. The programme was organized by Dr. Spurthi N. Nayak, Dr. Mahantesh Nayak, and Dr. Mahantesh Mudenoor. Around 100 students and faculties participated in the webinar.