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  • Registration of non teaching staff, at FKC, UAS, Dharwad

The training programme on “Mental Preparedness to Cope with COVID-19” was organized on 28.05.2020 at FKC, UAS Dharwad, the main campus to orient non teaching staff. The event started with registration of the participants fallowed by the welcome speech by Dr. K. V. Ashalatha, Convener & Associate coordinator. Dr. P. U. Krishnaraj, Coordinator briefed about IDP activities.

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Dr. Mahadev B. Chetti, Team Leader-ICAR-NAHEP-IDP, inaugurated the programme by watering the plant. Dr. Sunanada G. T. Assistant Professor, DIMHANS, Dr. R. Sreevani Head, Department Psychiatric Nursing, DIHMANS, Dr. K. V. Ashalatha, Convener & IDP Associate coordinator and P. U. Krishnaraj, IDP Coordinator were present on the occasion. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Dr. Mahadev B. Chetti, in his inaugural address stressed the need for understanding the present situation of COVID -19 and to take precautionary measures not only for the benefits of oneself but also for students and farming community. He further said during COVID-19 lockdown part of administrative staff and scientists of UAS, Dharwad have worked for providing timely information for farming community.

He reiterated the need to go with a nature and should never encroach or never harm mother earth. There are reports that present consequence is due to over exploitation of nature. We should learn lesson from this situation and each one of us should make attempt to protect the nature. He also emphasized that UAS, Dharwad is always providing services to public especially farming community in one or other way. Further, he urged all the staff to take greater responsibility to serve the community.On this front he praised the work of Directorate of Extension during the lockdown period.

In first technical session, the resource person Dr. Sunanada G. T. Assistant Professor, DIMHANS delivered a talk on “Aware & Prepare to Fight against COVID-19”. She explained the symptoms like aches and pains, nasal congestion, headache, conjunctivitis, sore throat, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell or a rash on skin or discoloration of fingers or toes of the diseases, and also how it effects on the body.  She recommended calling the health care provider or facility first, so the patient can be directed to the right clinic.

She gave awareness on health facilities available, wearing of mask, maintaining at least 1metre social distance from other people and not to touch surfaces with our hands. She also advised to seek immediate medical care if we have difficulties in breathing or pain/pressure in the chest. If possible, immediate intimation to health care provider in advance, so that we can reach to the right health facility at right time. She gave complete explanation on how to fight against the COVID-19.

After Lunch, second session started with the talk on common psychological reactions due to COVID-19 pandemic lockdown by Dr. R. Sreevani, Head, Department Psychiatric Nursing, DIHMANS, Dharwad. She explained in detail about the solutions to overcome with psychological reactions like fearlessness, Depression, Hopelessness and helplessness feelings, boredom, negative emotions, Aggression, women abuse, substance abuse Anxiety, Restlessness, irritability, lack of sleep and many more and also how to naturally lowering the COVID-19 anxiety.

She gave some general instructions to protect ourselves from the COVID-19. They were drinking plenty of water, empty the bowels every day, breathing deeply, keeping a smile on our face all the time, eating slowly and walking for at least half an hour every day, balanced dieting and also enjoying housework. She also practiced some simple exercises to participants during training.

In valedictory function session, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor M. B. Chetti chaired the session & urged the staff to practice the knowledge gained during one day workshop to cope up with Covid-19. Dr. B. K. Naik, Nodal officer, Academic activities offered vote of thanks. Fifty non teaching staff attended the programme out of which 32 male &18 female participants were present in the training programme. The programme was co-ordinated by Dr K.V. Ashalatha, Associate Co-ordinater, -NAHEP- IDP, UAS, Dharwad.