Augmenting Quality and Relevance of Higher Agricultural Education through Enhanced Learning Outcome and Entrepreneurship Development 

  • Welcome and overview of the programme - Dr. M. D. Patil

IDP-Sensitisation programme was held on 21.09.2019 (Saturday) in Auditorium at A C Vijayapur.

At the outset Dr. M. D. Patil, Nodal Officer, ICAR-NAHEP-IDP-UASD, College of Agriculture, Vijayapur extended a warm welcome to Dr. P. U. Krishnaraj, Principal Investigator, Dr.B. K. Naik, Nodal Officer, Academic Activities (National) and all the staff & students.

 He conveyed the title of the IDP project and briefed about the efforts made by the team leader, H’ble Vice Chancellor, Dr. M. B. Chetti and the team members in bagging this prestigious project from the World Bank through ICAR, New Delhi. Then, Dr. P. U. Krishnaraj was invited for presentation to sensitise the students and staff about the IDP.

 Dr. P. U. Krishnaraj, started his presentation by bringing attention of the audience about how the DPR was prepared. He highlighted the discussions, meetings, interactions, brain storming sessions held with several retired vice chancellors, industry people, successful entrepreneurs, alumni and other stake holders while preparing the DPR of the project.

 In his presentation, Dr. Krishnaraj, elaborately covered all the components of the project included in the DPR through well illustrated slides containing relevant pictures/ images and figures. Each factor was explained to the satisfaction of the audience. Initially programmes for the students were highlighted followed by faculty members and overall infrastructure of the University.

 He made the audience to appreciate the various components of the project like academic activities (National & International), civil works, management and procurement, environmental safeguards, social safeguards, grievance redressal system along with human resources put into these components for effective implementation.

 He communicated the core idea of development of entrepreneurial skills and linking academia with industries very effectively and gave a detailed note on international training for UG students and faculty members to improve or upgrade the skills among the students and staff along with the list of targeted world’s top universities. Details on the period of international training factored for the students and staff members was given and requested students and staff members to use this opportunity to improve their academic, scientific, entrepreneurial and social competency.

 Entire flow of the project including national trainings, alumni meets, entrepreneurship programmes was communicated effectively and made the audience to feel proud to be part of the project.

 It was very clear from his presentation that how the vision of the university to be a globally acknowledged agricultural university nurturing excellence through agricultural education, steering innovative entrepreneurship and enabling socially responsible leaders can be visualised in next two years through IDP.

 At last, Dr. Krishnaraj concluded his presentation by suggesting students and staff to lift the blankets from the face and get up early in the morning and strive hard to hug the success. Further, he shared the short story on Michael Jackson, a great musician, with students to motivate them.

After the presentation, the house was open for discussion/ Q & A, wherein staff and students interacted with PI regarding international trainings.