Augmenting Quality and Relevance of Higher Agricultural Education through Enhanced Learning Outcome and Entrepreneurship Development 

  • Welcome and overview - by Dr. M. D. Patil

At the outset Dr. M. D. Patil, Nodal Officer, ICAR-NAHEP-IDP-UASD, College of Agriculture, Vijayapur extended a warm welcome to all the students and the guest cum resource person Dr. Shamrao Jahagirdar, Nodal Officer (International Training), ICAR-NAHEP-IDP-UASD. Dr. S. B. Kalaghatagi, Dean (Agri) and Nodal Officer, ICAR-NAHEP-IDP-UASD, College of Agriculture, Vijayapur presided over the programme and Dr. U. V. Mummigatti, Professor & College  Coordinator, New Age Incubation Network (NAIN), College of Agriculture, Vijayapur graced the occasion.

Dr. Patil gave an overview of the said workshop and requested students to be very attentive to learn about the procedure for selection of students for international training under IDP.

Dr. Shamrao Jahagirdar, initially presented in brief about the various activities planned under IDP and then delivered a detailed presentation on the procedure and protocols, criteria, pattern of cognitive test for selection of students for international training. He highlighted about how one should be prepared and the qualities being looked into. Dr. Jahagirdar, gave a glimpse of some of the international universities being chosen for the internship of students. There was in detail discussion on cognitive test which the students interested for International training are to be written.

Before concluding the presentation, Dr. Jahagirdar spoke on expression of interest and its importance. He concluded his presentation highlighting how this international training can bring positive changes and improved competency among students and also opportunities in future.

After presentation, session was open for discussion and students were asked to get their doubts (if any) clarified. Several students came forward and interacted with Nodal Officers. Some of the important points of discussion are;

Regular academics if selected for international training.

Few final year students interested to be part of international training activities, they asked the chances forth under IDP.

Type of letter writing for cognitive test etc

Dr. Jahagirdar along with other nodal officers, clarified all the doubts of the students, like the University decision to bring change in the academic rules for the students selected for international training, level of difficulty in cognitive test etc. It is made clear to final year students that, they don’t have opportunities for international training due to their academic schedules and limited time available for their degree completion, but was assured to them all possibilities of their participation in national activities under IDP-UASD.

Dr. S. B. Kalaghatagi, in his prudential remarks suggested students to prepare well and grab the opportunity for this unique international training. He also memorised his UG days and motivated students by saying they are fortunate to get such opportunities at UG level. He also appreciated the efforts made by H’ble Vice Chancellor in bringing this esteemed project to our University and coordination of all nodal officers. He extended special thanks to Dr. Shampoo Jahagirdar for coming to the campus and making the workshop successful.

At the end, Dr. M. D. Patil proposed vote of thanks to Dr. Jahagirdar, Dr. Kalaghatagi, Dr. Mummigatti and special thanks to all the students for making the event successful by their active involvement and interaction.

Programme was concluded with the group photo and followed by high tea.