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  • Participants registration during e-governance programme at VC, Conference hall, UAS, Dharwad

Two days online training programme on e-Governance was organised in University of Agriculture Science, Dharwad on 5-6, June 2020 under World Bank funded ICAR-NAHEP-IDP project at VC conference hall. Expert in the field such as Smt. K. Annapurna, Project Director/Administrative officer; Shri. Varaprasada Reddy, Project Director, Janasevaka.  Smt. Rashmi, Project Director, SSP; Shri. Vipin Singh, Chief Executive Officer; Shri. H. L. Prabhakar, Project Director, e- office; Shri. Sakeel Ahmed, Project Director, HRMS and Dr. Shantarajanna, Project Director, e- procurement from Centre for e-Governance were invited as resource persons. The training programme was arranged to provide information about the applications of information and communication technology (ICT) in managing the office activities, to the staff of University of Agriculture Science, Dharwad.

The programme was started with the registration of the participants followed by the welcome address given by the Dr. P. U. Krishnaraj, PI, NAHEP-IDP, UAS, Dharwad. Very formulated introductory remarks were given by Dr. M. B. Chetti, Hon’ble Vice chancellor, UAS, Dharwad and emphasized on the use of paperless environment friendly e-Governance scheme in day today activities of the University.

Shri G. K. Sutar, Project Director, SDC introduced the participants on working structure of Centre for e-governance. Resource persons from Centre for e-governance delivered talks on various aspects of e- Governance in the online mode using Zoom cloud platform. Mrs. K. Annapurna, deliberated session on ICT Implementation in e-Governance-Issues and Challenges. She explained the need of the e-Governance and different operating models of the system in the State government. She emphasized the social, economical and technical issues and also the major challenges such as security, privacy, implementation of ICT solutions in the administration.

Mr. Prabhakar H. L. explained the need of e-Office in enhancing the efficiency of the institutes. He explained briefly about e-file, e-tour, e-leave, KMS, CAMS, SPARROW, PFMS and also e-office prerequisites .Mr. Varaprasad Reddy, explained the need of ICT in administration, to increase the transparency, accountability and responsiveness of the system by demonstrating the popular citizen-friendly ICT applications such as SAKALA, Janasevak and Sevasindu. Smt. Rashmi G., she narrated the importance of application of ICT tools in education and training in present education system to overcome the limitations of conventional teaching methods. ICT tools like flipped classroom, Google classroom, Glisser, Boditree were also demonstrated with their features.

Dr. Shantarajanna, gave the procedures and methods for implementing the e-procurements in the office. Later Shri. Sakeel Ahmed, explained the two phases of HRMS, like Service records and pay roll generation very neatly as the extended part of e-office.

At the end of the session, presidential remarks were given by the Dr. M. B. Chetti, Hon’ble Vice-chancellor. In his message he mentioned about the utilization of online tools duringCOVID-19 pandemic to reach the farmers and students. The prevailing situations have created opportunities for e-Governance. He emphasized the importance of e-Governance in administration and shared the glimpses of his past experience on e-Governance at ICAR. Vote of thanks was offered by Dr. Balachandra  K. Naik, Nodal officer, NAHEP, IDP and training programme was moderated by Dr. Ashalatha K. V. Associated Co-ordinator, NAHEP-IDP-UAS, Dharwad. Fifty participants from the Administrative office, Controller office and faculty staff of University had actively participated in the training programme.