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  • Online view of the speakers as well as participants present in the "Organic Certification course"

The online course on Organic Certification was organized on 2-4 June 2020 at University of Agriculture Sciences, Dharwad for final year students of B. Sc (Hons.) Agriculture, Community Science, Food Technology and Agril. Marketing and Cooperation students and faculty to learn various aspects for Organic Certification from the experts in the field. The proposed training aims to provide information on standards for organic production, systems criteria and procedures for accreditation of Inspection and Certification bodies, the national organic logo and the regulations governing its use. The training programme was inaugurated by Dr. A. S. Anand, Chairman, Karnataka State Organic Mission.Dr. SharanAngadi, and C L L Gowda, the senior experts in organic farming in India; Dr. Binay Kumar Chaudry, Chairman (India) Control Union Certification Agency, Mumbai; Dr. Manoj Kumar, ProgrammeConsultant, Network of Asia & Pacific Producers (NAPP), Bengaluru; Dr. DhananjayNaik, Founder, DSCIGN BIOSYS PVT. Ltd. Bangalore and Mr. Mahesh Mashal CONNECT, Dharwad were invited as speakers.

Dr. Sharan Angadi and Dr. C L L Gowda the senior experts in organic farming in India, spoke on the standards operating for organic certification in India and other countries. They also called the students to explore the possibilities of development of entrepreneurship opportunities in organic certification. Dr. Binay Kumar Chaudry, Chairman (India) Control Union Certification Agency, Mumbai, Dr. Manoj Kumar, gave an overview of organic certification in Agriculture and other sectors like animal products and textiles. The students and faculty educated with the importance of Fair-trade and the benefits of fair-trade to the farmers was highlighted. Dr. DhananjayNaik, gave the information on revolution in organic farming and also discussed the role of organic farming in conserving the biodiversity and sustainability of agriculture. Mr. Mahesh Mashal addressed the students to explore the possibilities of entrepreneurship opportunities in Organic Certification. He also expressed that the post Covid era will have less job opportunities and encouraged the students to make use of such platforms to design their future.

Dr. V. R. Kiresur, Registar, UAS, Dharwad in his closing remarks gave a detailed overview of different certification agencies, standards of WTO and CODEX etc. Dr. P. U. Krishnaraj, Principal Investigator of NAHEP-IDP UAS, Dharwad was present during the programme, highlighted about the activities of UAS, under NAHEP- IDP project. Dr. M.B. Chetti, Vice chancellor, UAS, Dharwad stressed on the importance of organic farming, organic products in the present day situation particularly in the Covid pandemic that demands immunity boosting in our body that can be gained using the organic food and products. The programme was coordinated by Dr. Jyoti V. Vastrad and Dr. D.N. Kambrekar.