Augmenting Quality and Relevance of Higher Agricultural Education through Enhanced Learning Outcome and Entrepreneurship Development 

  • Inaugural address by Dr. Mahadev B Chetti, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, UAS, Dharwad and Team Leader, NAHEP-IDP

One day Webinar on “Motivation for psychological and physical to sustain and enhance skills” was organized to motivate staff and students of the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, on 21st, July, 2020 to overcome panic and present covid-19 situations. Motivational speaker, Uma shanker K Goud invited as a resource person for the programme. Dr. P. U. Krishnaraj, Coordinator, NAHEP-IDP, welcome the participants.

Dr. Mahadev B Chetti, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, UAS, Dharwad and Team Leader, NAHEP-IDP, inaugurated the programme. He expressed that intrinsic motivation was the experience of wanting to engage in an activity for its own sake because the activity is interesting and enjoyable or helps to achieve goals one has chosen. He also expressed that Emotional, social and cognitive force that activates behavior. In day to day life, the term motivation was frequently used by person to sustain and enhance skills to invigorate vigour and enthusiasm to reach the targeted goals. By giving the example he expressed that awards and rewards are intrinsic motivation for the staff of university. He also advised that Physical and psychological basis to face life during the crises like  present COVID-19 and  how to overcome panic, fear, doubt, confusion, frustration, anger , sustain their present abilities, enhance skills, leading to successful works and lead a healthy and happy life to the participants.

Motivational speaker, Uma shanker K Goud, expressed that right way of living or ethical living is the proper guideline for inner joy. Breathing our first breath will make panic and genes manifest us for adopting ourselves to new environment and real meaning of sickness will come to action when and only when all seven levels of awareness were in good stage.

Speaking on the occasion he expressed that breath is the seed of our awareness. If it is fine everything will be fine, otherwise there was some problem in mental health and behavior that accounts in our achievements and evidenced that regular physical activity improves physiological and psychological health and behavior also. By presenting Ikigai “a reason for being”, he expressed everyone should have a direction or purpose in life, that makes our life worthwhile.  During his presentation he practiced some exercises to participants for self assessment. For peace and joyfulness assessment he flowed melodious music also.

The programme was conveyed by Mr. Shivaputra M. Honnalli Comptroller and Nodal Officer (Finance), NAHEP-IDP and Co-conveyed by Dr. S. C. Sajjanar, Asst. Medical Officer, Health Center, UASD. Dr. Ashalatha K. V. Assoc. Coordinator, NAHEP-IDP and other staff members of University were also present in the webinar.