Augmenting Quality and Relevance of Higher Agricultural Education through Enhanced Learning Outcome and Entrepreneurship Development 

  • Inauguration of the Programme

The event was organized between 6 & 7 March, 2020 for the stakeholders in Agriculture and Community Science. A total of 300 participants including students, industrialists, alumni entrepreneurs, financial institutions and faculty participated. Students from all accredited colleges viz., College of Agriculture Vijayapura; College of Agriculture, Hanumanamatti and College of Forestry, Sirsi, participated to analyze the Strengths Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) of their idea which was later presented in the IDEATHON and EDP workshop in respective colleges.

The programme was inaugurated by Dr. Shankar B. Dandin, Former Vice-Chancellor, UHS Bagalkot and presided over by Dr. M. B. Chetti, Vice-Chancellor, UAS, Dharwad. Shri. B.G. Mukhopadhyay,  Rtd. CGM, NABARD, Bangalore; Shri. S. R. Ganga, Rtd. GM, KVG Bank; Dr. B. D. Biradar, Dean(Agri), AC, Dharwad and Dr. Usha Malagi, Dean(CSc), College of Community Science, Dharwad graced the occasion. Dr. Shripad Herleker, Dr. N. B. Gadagimath, Shri. Manohar Desai, Smt. Rajashree D. Kamble, Dr. Sunanada Kalakkannavar and Dr. Pavitra Bhat were the alumni entrepreneurs and Shri. Narashimahamurthy Raichur, Founder Director AYEPL, Hubli and Shri. Mahesh Mashal, Director, Connect, Dharwad were the resource persons.

Shri. B. G. Mukhopadhyay explained how to get financial support from various funding agencies. He motivated the students by explaining the SWOT an enterprise briefly. Shri. S. R. Ganga, Dr. Shripad Herleker and Dr. N. B. Gadagimath expressed their views on the importance of experts interaction with the students to establish new enterprise. Dr. M. B. Chetti, Vice-Chancellor, UAS, Dharwad, in his presidential remarks stressed on the scope of interaction of alumni entrepreneurs for the sustainability of the project and impact of the IDP project on overall standard of the higher education in agriculture.

In the post-lunch session, alumni entrepreneurs shared their experience and presented the SWOT analysis of their own enterprises. Dr. Shripad Herleker, Dr. N. B. Gadagimath and Shri. Manohar Desai explained the SWOT of a seed production and marketing company. Shri. S. R. Ganga explained the financial requirements for various start ups. Ms. Rajashree D. Kamble,  Dr. Sunanada Kalakkannavar and Dr. Pavitra Bhat explained SWOT analysis of textile, food processing as well as consulting enterprises, respectively. Shri. Narashimhamurthy Raichur, showed videos on case studies and presentations along with relevant explanations on SWOT analysis and also management games. Assignment was given to the students on SWOT analysis of their ideas.

The second day started with presentation by the students on SWOT analysis. The entrepreneurs gave valuable suggestions and recommendations to empower the students on SWOT of every presentation followed by Panel Discussion and recommendations of the interaction meet on SWOT analysis.