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  • Inauguration of the awareness programme

Awareness programme on ‘Way Forward for Green Initiative: Conservation of Environment and Ecology’ was organized on 21.10.2020 at University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad under World Bank funded, Institutional Development Programme for key officers and Head of the Departments. Shri. Suresh Heblikar, Actor, Director and Environmentalist were the chief guest for the function. Dr. K. V. Ashalatha, Organiser and Associate PI, NAHEP-IDP, welcome and introduced the guest. Dr. R. Vasudev, Nodal Officer, NAHEP-IDP, gave the introduction and objectives of IDP and Environmental Safeguard Programme of the University.

Shri. Suresh heblikar inaugurated the function and highlighted that environment is the vast subject that includes civilization and culture. Environment and Ecology are the key parameters for sustainable development. Unfortunately, these areas are under threat; hence, it is high time to create awareness in the minds of public, particularly in children, policy makers and Government, in order to have sustainable development and youth to make Environment conservation a passion he added. If there is no bio-diversity there is going to be no humanity, humanity will be in crisis and there is global crisis at the moment he added. India is the country blessed with enormous amount of sunlight, rainwater and wind energy, and Western Ghats in Karnataka which has to be utilized properly. And forests are the basis of economy and agriculture is the survival for Indian people hence it is need of hour to conserve and protect environment.

Akshaya Heblikar, CEO, Eco-Watch, Bengaluru pointed out that urban ecosystem need to be rejuvenated in addition to improving living conditions for the city and agriculture. Activities and project undertaken by ‘Eco-Watch’- Centre for Environment and Sustainable development, care for Environment and ecology involving school student were highlighted. Importance of Bio-diversity and conservation was also discussed.

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and team leader IDP, in his precedential address expressed that youths should come forward for protecting environment, because environment is the breadth of our culture and society. Environmental awareness should be an integral part for teaching youngsters and family. Physical environment is fragile and indispensable; we can begin fixing the problems that threaten it.  University will develop Agro Ecosystem Tourism Park for recreation and knowledge to young children and we want to push agriculture as one of the subjects in schools to inculcate awareness on environment as well as agriculture.